Red team security and penetration testing

Simulate cyber-attacks and challenge every layer of your security with Red Team testing
Real-world Red Teaming security testing

Red Team assessments are detailed security tests which attempts to break every layer of your organisation’s physical and cyber security defences. It’s a multi-layered process and our expert operatives will leverage every technical and social engineering weakness in an attempt to compromise your security.

  • Identify and exploit weaknesses in your physical and cyber defences
  • Uncover flaws in your security processes
  • Multi-layered approach for maximum impact
  • A carefully pre-defined scope will set the rules of engagement
  • Red Team penetration testing as unique as your organisation

Our Red Team security service meets the specific objectives of your organisation, through a blend of vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, social engineering and physical breach attempts. This means you’ll be ideally positioned to protect your organisation from a variety of real-world attacks..