Internal Network Security Vulnerability Assessment

Cost-effective cyber security vulnerability assessments

Best practices endorse conducting internal vulnerability scanning of your systems every 3 months and after any major system changes.

Vulnerability assessments, also called VA scans, are automated internal and external security scans that give a good indication on the state of your organisation’s security.

By testing for known vulnerabilities, you can quickly outline which systems and applications are susceptible to exploitation. More importantly, you can patch these flaws or mitigate them.

Using special scanning software, our Network Security Vulnerability Assessment identifies the security configuration weaknesses and flaws on the internal devices deployed on your system. It assesses the security integrity of the devices deployed internally on your network identifying the vulnerabilities that could be exploited by authorised system users as well as hackers who have gained unauthorised internal access.

Hackproof will provide a comprehensive report of the findings detailing a straight-forward explanation of each vulnerability identified and our cost-effective recommendations for mitigating each vulnerability.